Be happy and gay

To my homosexual friends, can we talk?

The debate about Duck Dynasty has caused a lot of controversy amongst the Politically Correct Crowd, Christians, and Homosexuals. While I am not an expert in either of these categories, indulge me to voice my opinion about this subject as somebody who happens to believe in the teachings of Christ, with all its love, compassion, benevolence, mercy, and grace, and the reality that none of us is perfect.

Whether you believe in Creation of Evolution does not really matter, for both are based on the premise of survival of humanity, brought to us backwards Christians in the simple sentence “Go forth and multiply”. Evolution or nature is a bit more brutal by simply confronting you with reality and without such guiding words, Survival of the Fittest.

Now, I am just a heterosexual man, and will not try to analyze your feelings and desires, yet I want to believe that you have the same desire to love and be loved, the same desire for companionship, for respect, friendship, family, freedom, and Faith, whether in a God, Nature, or both.

The problem is, we Christians do have some principals we try to live by, and when I say “we” Christians, I am confident many of you to be part of this so Politically Incorrect bunch of dreamers. One of these principals is our conviction that life is a precious gift from God, and that it is celebrated in the union of a man and a woman who, God willing, make little babies and do their part of carrying humanity into the everlasting.

Therefore most of us are against abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia, and we are deeply troubled when somebody dies through accident, sickness, or suicide.

We call this union between a man and a woman “marriage”, with the specific goal to form a family. This institution, though not perfectly adhered to in today’s secular world, used to be a sacred union for a very specific purpose. As a result, amongst most Christians, we feel that calling a homosexual union marriage does take away from the sanctity of this tradition that has been clearly defined for thousands of years. In simple words, it hurts our feelings, just as it hurts your feelings when somebody belittles the seriousness of your companionship.

By the way, the litmus test for God’s will, natures will, evolution, is rather simple. If we would all abort our children, if we would all have terminal cancer, if we would all commit suicide, if we would all be homosexual, if we would all be in fatal accidents, …. and the list goes on …. humanity would cease to exist. We therefore call these things “unnatural”, not in a demeaning way, but in a realistic or scientific way.
The conundrum to many of us Christians has to do with this ever so intimidate question why you are homosexual. Now, bear with this old man for a minute, and help me, or shall I say “us” through this.

We all know that Nature has its own set of rules, and by no means follows the norm 100 percent. Here I maybe depart from the “normal” Christian a bit, and I truly believe that some, or many homosexuals are indeed programmed (for lack of a better word) in a way that makes them special and different from their heterosexual counterparts. Therefore, to call them sinners would be totally unfair. Yet, it does make them abnormal, which again will offend many of you. You see how hard it is to deal with this subject without hurting somebody’s feelings? However, I had to say it this way to make you understand that you are not what we Christians (or shall I say this Christian) refer to as sinners, for a sinner makes a conscious choice.

My problem is with the Homosexuals who are preying on the young and innocent during their time of sexual immaturity and entice them to follow a lifestyle that nature had not intended for them. These children are at this vulnerable age where their first sexual experience might lead them into something that nature had not intended for them. It is personified by things like “North American Man/Boy Love Association”, Pedophiles, Child Porn producers, and other despicable folks, who are performing a task that no decent human being should support or tolerate. These are the folks who give you the bad image, the “in your face” kind of perverts who want to keep the argument brewing to justify their existence and help their distorted lifestyle.
So ….if you want my respect, my compassion for your relationship  …. find another name for marriage and distance yourself from the crowd that gives you a bad name.