what’s up God?

Have you ever noticed when you tell people that you are talking to God they think you are a religious person, yet when you tell them that God is talking back to you, they think you are crazy?

Let me tell you about my latest conversation with him.

Lord, I am very offended by some of the anti Christian things that are going on right now in our country. What do you think about some people in America trying to get “in God we trust” off of our money as well as the attempt to change the Pledge of Allegiance by taking “under God” out of it?

Here is his answer:

I created you in the image of myself. I did this for a very selfish reason which is to gain the very thing I missed the most. It is the thing you all call Love. To make this Love real I had to give you the absolute freedom of choice. All the feelings and desires you experience are part of me. Hot can only be measured because there is cold. Light is only recognized because of the Dark. Love can only be recognized if there is the option for hate.

Do I need your symbols, phrases, and words to see your love? Don’t forget, I can read your soul, which tells me whether you feelings are genuine, no matter how often you go to church or what you write on your money or express in a pledge. These things you have created not for me but for the world around you to show them your allegiance, your roots, your convictions, your beliefs. Sometimes these are genuine and sometimes people pretend to fool others. Only I will know the difference.

In the beginning we communicated directly and you did not heed my advice. I tried talking to you through the Prophets and I gave you laws to live by and you found ways to ignore rules and circumvent the Law.  I tried it through the High Priests in still you did not listen. Since my word is so powerful that I can speak things into being, I finally chose to make my Word Flesh so I could talk directly to you.

You call my Word Jesus.  In your self-involvement and with your love for symbols and your need to humanize things you put the emphasis on virgin birth, walking on water, performing miracles, calming storms, and many more unimportant things, while missing the message. Doctrines made by man, creeds written by man, books assembled by men, have become more important then my Word while you ignore the Message, the Good News, the Gospel.

Jesus is Lord, Jesus is my Word that has become flesh, flesh so you could understand my word. No prophet, no priest, no interpreter, no teacher, just The Word from me to you.

So, do not concern yourselves with symbols, crosses, verbiage on money, or bibles in schools, or Ten Commandments in courthouses. The enemy will try to embarrass you in front of the world by the symbols you chose. He will try to make you hate him for his action and he will win the battle when your love for me turns into hate towards him.

Just as something can not be hot and cold, or up and down, or left and right at the same time you will never be able to truly love and truly hate at the same time. What is important is what is written in your soul, your heart. I will recognize you by what is written in your heart and by nothing else because when the time comes the enemy will try to cover himself in symbols, words, and phrases, the enemy will wear crosses and chant my name, but his heart will be callused and empty of the true love I long for.

Because I gave my Word, for whosoever believes in it will have everlasting life.

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