Why do you think the world hates America?

Do you think the world hates Baseball, Chevrolet, or Apple Pie?  Do you think the world hates our Sunday School Classes, our Family Picnics, our Barbeques, our Hamburgers, or Coca Cola?  Do you think they hate our benevolence, our generosity, our desire to help people in need?

No, my friend. The world does not even know the real America. They do not know you and me, and the things for which we stand, the things we love, the things we cherish.

The America the world hates is portrayed by Hollywood in form of obscene movies, drenched with pornography, rape, incest, murder, adultery, dishonesty, brutality, and human depravity.

The very people who lecture us how we should live our lives, how we should think, what we should be scared of, what we should love and admire, are the ones who poison our standing in the world.

The very people who live in splendor and opulence and unfettered use of our natural resources tell us to conserve energy, turn down our thermostats, and get rid of our trucks and SUVs so they won’t run out of fuel for their private jets.

One thought on “Why do you think the world hates America?

  1. So true! Al Gore comes to mind. I try to follow blogs from around the world and it is evident that folks in other countries see us so differently than we really are. As you point out, many truly believe we are like the movies and TV shows portray us. The ones that don’t despise us just seem to think we are a big joke. Anyway, your remarks are very insightful and well put. Thank you.

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