what’s up God?

Have you ever noticed when you tell people that you are talking to God they think you are a religious person, yet when you tell them that God is talking back to you, they think you are crazy?

Let me tell you about my latest conversation with him.

Lord, I am very offended by some of the anti Christian things that are going on right now in our country. What do you think about some people in America trying to get “in God we trust” off of our money as well as the attempt to change the Pledge of Allegiance by taking “under God” out of it?

Here is his answer:

I created you in the image of myself. I did this for a very selfish reason which is to gain the very thing I missed the most. It is the thing you all call Love. To make this Love real I had to give you the absolute freedom of choice. All the feelings and desires you experience are part of me. Hot can only be measured because there is cold. Light is only recognized because of the Dark. Love can only be recognized if there is the option for hate.

Do I need your symbols, phrases, and words to see your love? Don’t forget, I can read your soul, which tells me whether you feelings are genuine, no matter how often you go to church or what you write on your money or express in a pledge. These things you have created not for me but for the world around you to show them your allegiance, your roots, your convictions, your beliefs. Sometimes these are genuine and sometimes people pretend to fool others. Only I will know the difference.

In the beginning we communicated directly and you did not heed my advice. I tried talking to you through the Prophets and I gave you laws to live by and you found ways to ignore rules and circumvent the Law.  I tried it through the High Priests in still you did not listen. Since my word is so powerful that I can speak things into being, I finally chose to make my Word Flesh so I could talk directly to you.

You call my Word Jesus.  In your self-involvement and with your love for symbols and your need to humanize things you put the emphasis on virgin birth, walking on water, performing miracles, calming storms, and many more unimportant things, while missing the message. Doctrines made by man, creeds written by man, books assembled by men, have become more important then my Word while you ignore the Message, the Good News, the Gospel.

Jesus is Lord, Jesus is my Word that has become flesh, flesh so you could understand my word. No prophet, no priest, no interpreter, no teacher, just The Word from me to you.

So, do not concern yourselves with symbols, crosses, verbiage on money, or bibles in schools, or Ten Commandments in courthouses. The enemy will try to embarrass you in front of the world by the symbols you chose. He will try to make you hate him for his action and he will win the battle when your love for me turns into hate towards him.

Just as something can not be hot and cold, or up and down, or left and right at the same time you will never be able to truly love and truly hate at the same time. What is important is what is written in your soul, your heart. I will recognize you by what is written in your heart and by nothing else because when the time comes the enemy will try to cover himself in symbols, words, and phrases, the enemy will wear crosses and chant my name, but his heart will be callused and empty of the true love I long for.

Because I gave my Word, for whosoever believes in it will have everlasting life.

illegal Immigration

There are not many subjects around that divide our Nation more dramatically then Immigration, or to be more precise, “Illegal Immigration”.

While most problems find sympathetic opinions based along the line of political parties or religious believes, opinions on immigration seem to jump all over the place, mostly shaped by direct contact with immigrants and the surrounding circumstances, which can be either positive or negative.

The tragedy of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the New York World Trade Center seems to be the catalyst for a stronger call to secure our countries borders. It does not provide a lot of confidence that we indeed will be able to keep terrorists from entering our nation if a million or so illegal aliens can penetrate our countries borders without much resistance and at their own will.

While most come here to work, crime, drugs, and prostitution are many times the undesirable baggage they bring along, together with their demands and expectations for a better life and many of the social services that are provided to the general population of the USA through the collection of taxes and fees paid by lawful citizens.

While I am an American Citizen, I am also an immigrant. My wife and I came to America in 1973 from Germany. At first I came here on a work visa that allowed us to stay for a number of years without problems. Once we had fallen in love with America and decided to stay we went through the tedious job of applying for “Green Cards” or Permanent Residency.  After this goal was achieved, we had to wait another 5 years to be able to apply for citizenship. The legal process was expensive, long-winded, complicated and accompanied by pages and pages of paperwork, fingerprinting, FBI background checks, blood tests, and many uncalled for questions. Indeed, I became a Citizen during the Clinton Presidency. Having had to answer a number of questions under oath, the most hilarious seemed to have been: “have you ever left the USA to avoid the draft?”….as well as “Have you ever committed the crime of perjury?”. In other words, even the President of the United States could not have passed the stringent requirements of “legal” immigration.

Now, being familiar with immigration through my own family, it seems to me that we have indeed a number of very different problems to solve to enable a long-term and permanent solution for the simple word “immigration”. What are our goals and how do they impact on immigration or how does immigration impact on these goals. By looking at these goals one could argue that indeed they intermingle but in realty are quite different or at least could be solved separately from each other.

Goal 1: Secure our Nations borders to assure that nobody enters our country to do us harm.

Goal 2: Secure our borders so that drugs and crime do not put an undue burden on our society.

Goal 3: Provide willing workers for the industries and activities that are unable to attract enough of our own citizens.

Goal 4: Provide a tool to unite families who have been torn apart by immigration and immigration laws.

Goal 5: Show American benevolence towards people who want to overcome poverty and desolate circumstances in their home countries by joining us to pursue the “American Dream”.

Goal 6: Maintain a population growth that maintains the needed number of taxpayers to pay for entitlement and retirement programs to compensate for the declining birth rates among American Citizens.

While we will address American solutions to these American goals later, it is prudent to compare our situation to Germany, a nation that has had to overcome a variety of problems that are not unlike our own, while micromanaging these problems with stringed and changing policies to achieve the needed results.

The comparison to Germany becomes interesting because it had to deal with immigration for different reason at different times with different approaches. In other words, while our problems in America have piled into a morass of complexity, Germany had the luxury to see and address each problem in a historic chain of events, almost one after another. Coming from the devastation of World War II and the sustained losses in population, Germany entered the Economic Miracle (Wirtschafts Wunder) in the 1950′s and was in desperate need for workers. Active recruitment in Southern Europe and particular Turkey brought a large number of foreigners to Germany under a “Guest Worker Program” that was supposed to be a temporary solution.These workers continued to provide Germany with needed laborers well into the 1970s.

More open border policies from the once isolated Eastern European Nations brought a flood of immigrants throughout the eighties asking for political asylum and protection from persecution in their native communist countries. Once the Berlin Wall came down and the Iron Curtain disappeared, the flood of low skill workers rose in the search for a better life in the prosperous united Germany. While Germany did not need to “recruit” immigrants to provide low level workers since the 1970s, a new problem arose in the late 1990s.

The declining birth rate among native Germans put an undue strain on the social support system of a society that was used to many supportive government programs, while not providing for the needed growth of a highly skilled labor force with a major emphasis on computer programmers and IT support personnel. Germany again had to recruit in foreign countries and established easy quotas and entry procedures from Nations like India and Pakistan, countries that seemed to turn out the needed skill level Germany needed.

Throughout its recent history (since WWII) Germany had to face many of the same struggles and challenges as the United States, but it managed, indeed micromanaged its immigration based on a mix of economic needs, political / humanitarian benevolence, and fiscal as well as physical realities. All this, though, with strict adherence to laws, rules, and regulations, supported by a willingness to provide ample of “legal “ways of immigration in face of certain realities, but at the same time strictly enforcing and pursuing “illegal immigration” with full force and collaboration between local, state, and federal Government.

What are the lessons we can learn and how can we solve our own immigration problems while accomplishing the different goals? I feel that the time has come for a “tough love” approach, starting with the question: “what part of illegal don’t you understand?”

  • To protect our nation from evil forces it is necessary to control, and, if needed, close our borders to all illegal activities.
  • To assure an uninterrupted economic growth we need to establish an official and well monitored “guest worker” program that allows people to legally enter the US for a predetermined time frame and could lead to permanent residency for people who are willing to stay within the framework of our laws.
  • To foster assimilation as well as communication among all Americans and their “guest workers” we should make English the official language, building on the historical principal that people who can communicate and understand each other rarely go to war and fight each other. Government should only make English paperwork available and teach English as the first language.
  • Follow the lead of other nations around the world by not granting automatic citizenship to children borne on US soil from illegal parents.
  • Demand accountability from foreign Governments who oppress their own people and who exploit their Countries resources for the benefit of a few while turning their back on their “huddled masses”

Ironically immigration and borders are one of the very few duties assigned to the Federal Government and yet it this simple task has been a dismal failure.

Why do you think the world hates America?

Do you think the world hates Baseball, Chevrolet, or Apple Pie?  Do you think the world hates our Sunday School Classes, our Family Picnics, our Barbeques, our Hamburgers, or Coca Cola?  Do you think they hate our benevolence, our generosity, our desire to help people in need?

No, my friend. The world does not even know the real America. They do not know you and me, and the things for which we stand, the things we love, the things we cherish.

The America the world hates is portrayed by Hollywood in form of obscene movies, drenched with pornography, rape, incest, murder, adultery, dishonesty, brutality, and human depravity.

The very people who lecture us how we should live our lives, how we should think, what we should be scared of, what we should love and admire, are the ones who poison our standing in the world.

The very people who live in splendor and opulence and unfettered use of our natural resources tell us to conserve energy, turn down our thermostats, and get rid of our trucks and SUVs so they won’t run out of fuel for their private jets.

mind games

If a company is willing to spend millions of dollar for a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl, trying to convince us to buy their product or service, why do we think that a 90 minute movie, filled with the depravity of killing and maiming our fellow man, does not influence the minds of our children in the most negative way?

why any life matters

Why was growing up as a child in post war Germany different to a childhood in America?

At the age of eight I had to face the brutal fact that my parents belonged to a generation of Germans, who did not just start the second war of the century.

They killed with well organized German perfection and proficiency some 10-12 million Jews and other “undesirable elements” of our human race.Why? Why, in God’s name why?

A man, who was the master of words, whipped them into a frenzy of enthusiastic hate. He reached out and was able to touch the most primitive feelings within a people. He lifted the pride for the German race by creating the hate against the Jews.


The big difference between Hitler and other mad men of the past, though, were in the tools he used. For the first time in human history you were able to reach millions over the air waves. The radio became the instrument which helped Hitler to transmit his thoughts and evil powers to the masses of Germans. Masses that were hungry for leadership. They were exhausted and devastated by the stranglehold of the suffocating settlement of World War One and the great depression.

Questioned about their involvement in the war, my parents shied away from real, solid answers, like so many other Germans. “See, they, the Nazis, took our guns from us, they ran the news papers and the radio, they took God and the Bible out of our lives, they made Government to be the almighty provider for all the needs of the people, and worst of all, they took over the schools and with it the minds of millions of children.”

Today I would say: sounds like a bunch of Liberal Democrats had come into town. At the age of eight or nine, though, you get a pretty empty feeling in your stomach.

I never went to church as a child, but religion was part of the German school curriculum. My exposure to the Old Testament coincided with my discovery of the German past. I could not fathom how these anti Jewish acts could possibly have happened with the knowledge of the Bible. Didn’t they, the Nazis, not see that they took on God himself? How could they dare the Almighty and slaughter men women and children of such beautiful and, above all, chosen people?

I did not hate or despise Hitler. I did not question the war. The sum of my feelings were too occupied with the disgust for the generation of my parents, who did not participate in the atrocities but who were guilty by sittings still and letting it happen.

From that day on I had the overwhelming desire to be a Jew. As my study of History progressed I yearned to be a Jew, a Native American Indian, a black Slave, etc. …….just anybody who suffered from the oppression and injustices of human indecency, brutality, hate, lust for power.

.In the end it brought me to the conclusion that it all culminates into one single mystery, which is Life itself.

As long as humanity disrespects the precious gift of life so gently placed into the protectiveness of a mother’s womb, humanity will not be able to eradicate human bigotry and injustice.

No political expediency is worth the compromise of voting for a lesser of two evils.

If we cannot honor the beginning of life, we will never be able to serve justice to the ones who live.